The Art of Inkjet

Technical specifications

Milling chamber volume:
Batch size:
Maximum speed:
Milling motor power:
Power supply:
Dispersion cooling:

500 ml – 2 liters
3 600 rpm / 10.4 m/s
3 kW
220 V, 1-phase or 400V, 3-phase
Water-cooled milling chamber

Designed for high efficiency wet grinding, with special attention paid to ease of use and maintenance.

Standardly equiped with a 250 ml, silicon carbide, water cooled milling chamber, tungsten carbide pusher seal, FEP-encapsulated o-rings and a 3 kW, 1-phase or 3-phase motor, electronically controlled with high-end frequency regulator.
Constant monitoring and control of the temperatures of incoming and outgoing dispersion as well as of the cooling water. Monitoring of cooling water flow rate.
Well balanced construction for quiet, long-term operation with minimal vibrations.

Electronically controlled and programmable circulation and dosing with a peristaltic pump.

Optionally, a stand for attaching a lab mixer can be installed on the base of the bead mill.

Equipped with NanoMill Control Software for fully automatic control of the milling process, based on preset starting and/or switch off  parameters. Those include speed (rpm), peripheral speed (m/s), re-circulation speed and duration.