The Art of Inkjet

Photojet was established in 2007 and began it’s activities by formulating and developing solvent inkjet inks for super-wide format printers.
The same year we designed and manufactured our first mixing, dispersing and bottling production line.
In 2008 we developed “bio” inks, which used only solvents made from renewable resources and not from petro-chemicals.
Despite the ecological advantages, the inkjet inks market in Europe was not willing to cover the negligibly higher price of these inks, compared to the standard solvent inks. 
Developments of low-viscosity, mild-solvent, inks followed.

In 2009, we certified, with the Swiss SGS, the implemented yet from the beginning ISO9001:2008 Quality management system, which we later upgraded to ISO9001:2015 and kept re-certifiyng with them till 2021.
We strictly maintain the ISO9001:2015 Quality management system, but after 12 annual audits, we just have no added benefit from continuing to have those.
In 2011 we started making water-based pigmented, dye-based and dye-sublimation inkjet inks for Epson printers and print heads.
Almost 100% of our inks have been produced with a neutral label and marketed by our customers under their brands.
In 2015 we started the development of a pilot-plant bead mill for wet grinding of pigments, disperse dyes and other solids, down to nanometer size. After the first successfully running unit was implemented in our own production, we developed a lab bead mill and an integrated production unit consisting of a dissolver, bead mill and chiller, all electronically controlled.
The bead mills were presented at the European Coatings Show 2019, which took place in Nuremberg, Germany.
We started offering custom inkjet dispersions, as well as toll manufacturing of eco-solvent, dye-sublimation and pigmented water-based textile inks.
The last addition to our range of services was to offer the know-how on the production of certain inkjet inks and dispersions, some of which are later made in our facility, under the terms of a toll manufacturing agreement.