The Art of Inkjet

toll manufacturing

of inkjet inks and dispersions

Cases in which toll manufacturing is the right choice, include:
-You’re a startup and you have developed an inkjet ink or dispersion, which you want to present and launch on the market as fast as possible.
-You have acquired the  know-how for the production of inkjet inks or dispersions and you  want to launch them right away.
-You have an existing production of inkjet inks and dispersions but your capacity is full.

In all of the above cases, with toll manufacturing  you can have your product on the market almost immediately, without having to invest in setting up production, buying costly production equipment, hiring and training people, waiting for regulatory procedures, etc. 

Toll manufacturing is a form of outsourcing the production of certain goods.
Photojet has the facility, the necessary laboratory and production equipment, qualified personnel and expertise to perform the services of producing inkjet inks and dispersions in accordance with customers’ specifications and requirements, and in compliance with local legislation and regulations.

With toll manufacturing, the customer has full control over the costs as he supplies all raw materials and/or semi-finished products, which are necessary for the  manufacturing of the goods.

Photojet carries out the production and inspection in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions.

Toll manufacturing eliminates investment costs and significantly reduces the time from development to market.